Pay DayDirect DepositPay Card
WeeklyPlease be advised that your time card is expected to be submitted to our office no later than 9 a.m. every Monday. It’s imperative to meet this deadline to ensure timely processing of payroll, which occurs on Fridays.
For further information, kindly reach out to your local Staffing with Bliss branch.
Your funds will be credited to your card on a weekly basis, operating similarly to a debit card.
 ** Maintaining up-to-date information is vital to guaranteeing accuracy and timely payment.**

Employee Benefits

  • Weekly deductions from your paycheck
  • Pharmacy Benefits
  • Wellness Benefits
  • Doctor Office Visits
  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Hospitalization / Surgery
  • Dental / Vision
Upon successfully meeting the qualification criteria to work with Staffing with Bliss and receiving your initial compensation, benefit deductions will commence within two weeks. Subsequently, your benefit coverage commences the following Sunday.

Employee Incentives

  • Referral Recognition Incentive
  • Performance Recognition Bonus
  • Working Smart Safety Incentives

Benefit Eligibility

To qualify for benefits, associates may need to fulfill a predetermined number of hours and/or work for a minimum number of weeks. For further information, please contact your local Staffing with Bliss representative:

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8640 Philips Hwy, Suite 10
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