We at Staffing with Bliss, understand the importance of offering workforce management solutions to our customers. Our programs are designed for each client based on their business objectives.

why-swbStaffing Management Solutions – Staffing with Bliss, evaluates each clients’ needs and customizes a solution that works! By allowing one of our staffing experts to complete a client assessment, we are able to do what we do best – customize a program that is suited best for you – our client.

Performance Management – In today’s market managing and motivating a vast workforce has become even more demanding. Staffing with Bliss, will design an orientation and training program that is aimed at your specific workplace. We also put a strong emphasis on retention and performance needs.

Onsite Service – We bring our administrative services directly to your work site. We work closely with you to ensure that business objectives are met. We consider this to be a “partnership extension”.

Peoplenet – A web-based timekeeping system developed exclusively for use with a contingent workforce.

Electronic Invoicing – Reduces operational and administrative costs.

We do so much more than just supply you with workers. With all our capabilities, we truly are a Full Service Staffing Company.