We do so much more than just supply you with workers. With all our capabilities, we truly are a Full-Service Staffing Company.

At Staffing with Bliss, we recognize the significance of providing workforce management solutions to our clients. Our tailored programs are uniquely designed to align with each client’s distinct business objectives.



Staffing with Bliss, evaluates each clients’ needs and customizes a solution that works! By allowing one of our staffing experts to complete a client assessment, we are able to do what we do best – customize a program that is suited best for you – our client.


In today’s market managing and motivating a vast workforce has become even more demanding. Staffing with Bliss, will design an orientation and training program that is aimed at your specific workplace. We also put a strong emphasis on retention and performance needs.


We bring our administrative services directly to your work site. We work closely with you to ensure that business objectives are met. We consider this to be a “partnership extension”.